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Vertical DX-120
Comdial DSU-II
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Vertical DX-120

 Comdial DX-80 PBX KSU 7200-00

The Vertical DX-120 is a fully digital hybrid key telephone system. The DX-120 uses a mix of “loop start” central office (telephone company) line interfaces and digital lines such as T1 or ISDN (T1-PRI), along with a mix of analog and digital extension ports to provide office communications and connectivity to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).
 The DX-120 delivers a vast array of office productivity features and telephone use enhancing features, including Caller Identification (requires telephone company subscription), in the standard package. Unlike most systems that support Caller ID, the DX-120 supports Caller ID to DX-120 proprietary digital extensions and to third-party, Caller ID capable analog devices (cordless telephones, etc.)
  Although most features are standard, the DX-120 provides for several optional features to further enhance office communications. Built-in voice processing integration packages include:


•  Automated Attendant 

•  Four port, Flash-based Voice Mail/Auto Attendant (expandable to 8 ports)

•  Four port, Hard drive-based Voice Mail/Auto Attendant (expandable to 8 ports)

The DX-120 platform allows you to use these voice processing platforms without losing  valuable system port resources. 

 The DX-120 is comprised of an application configured, expandable Key Service Unit
(KSU) platform. There is one fully-featured Digital Executive Telephone (DET) that delivers access to all system functions. The system architecture provides an expandable interface for digital port growth and analog port growth. The basic configuration supports both device types. Analog ports might be used for plain old telephones, fax machines, modems, etc. The DX-120 is designed to meet the telecommunications needs of small-to-medium business offices.

System Technology

•  The DX-120 incorporates state-of-the-art digital technology for voice switching and call processing, using Pulse Code Modulation and Time Division Multiplexing (PCM/TDM). 

•  The system is stored-program control and uses a ARM7 main microprocessor and peripheral devices  (extensions and CO lines) in a distributed processing configuration.

 •  The DX-120 is a non-blocking switch, with no loss or degradation of voice signals. 

•  Memory consists of 640K bytes of ROM (Read Only Memory) and 384K bytes of RAM (Random  Access Memory). The RAM is lithium battery protected.

•  The maximum system configuration is 16 loop start, 24 digital lines, 88 extensions (80 digital and 8 analog) and 8 voice processing channels.