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Vertical DX-120
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Legacy Products


  All phone systems have a finite lifetime of production. When a manufacturer discontinues a product, it is generally because technology has advanced beyond its capabilities or it’s no longer cost effective. When this happens the old system becomes a legacy product and parts and technical support become an issue.

  ITI has sold all Comdial products up until Vertical purchased them and started offering their own products. All of our technicians are uniquely experienced with these discontinued product and have amassed an inventory of back up systems and parts to support these products, but there comes a time when it is no longer cost effective to repair them. When this happens we offer our customers the newer, more economical systems that will provide dependable service over an expected 7 to 10 year or even longer lifetime.


Here is a list of all the Comdial Legacy products and their replacements:


Unisyn – This is a system that was designed to provide a small business with basic phone service for up to 16 phones and 6 outside lines. We have already run into problems locating replacement phones and the systems themselves. The logical replacement for these would be the Vertical SBX system because it offers expansion beyond the 16 stations and 6 outside lines. It also comes with our 5 year warranty.


DSU and DSU II – These were Comdial’s top selling systems during the 1990’s because they just kept working well with minimum service requirements. We still have access to replacement phones, but the systems are becoming harder to find and they were not designed to use some of the newer outside line alternatives that are available from all carriers.


Either the Vertical SBX or Summit systems are a perfect fit depending upon size requirements.


DXP, DXP Plus and FX systems – These are larger capacity systems that support not only standard outside lines, but also Primary Rate Interfaces as well as IP phones. The only problem is parts and technology. We stock most of the circuit cards, but they are normally something we have to locate and have shipped in to us. This results in possible down time to our customers.


These systems can be replaced by the MBX or Summit systems depending upon size.


Comdial DX 80 and DX 120 systems – These were the last Comdial product offered and the first ones that were manufactured off shore. They were designed to provide a built in voice mail and Caller ID. 


Either the Vertical SBX or Summit systems replace them nicely.