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Comdial DSU-II
Comdial FX-II
Comdial FX-II

FX II Digital Communication System

In general, the FX II offers technicians and businesses many benefits that are based on thesystems’ inherent design. There are two configuration options for the FX II. You can provide a single cabinet system, or an expandable system that will grow to five cabinets. It has a 96 port system capacity (6 universal slots) per cabinet. It is expanded to support over 500 line and station ports with a 5 cabinet expansion option.

  The reduced number of components and single-pair wiring make the installation of the FX II system very easy and reliable.

  Most small systems have limited programming options, but the FX II uses the same Common Code Based (CCB) software as the original FX series.
Combined with the ease of setup is also a user-friendly, and intuitive Windows-based programming interface called VMMI (Visual Man Machine Interface). VMMI simplifies and accelerates programming for system technicians and provides end-user programming for key administrative features.
The Comdial FX II system is also designed to support the latest in Comdial digital telephones, including all of the Impact and Impact SCS phone product line, and the IP-based iPrimo telephone.
The FX II also supports all Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) applications currently offered by Comdial. CTI programs link computers with the FX II system, and allow users to do point-and-click transfers, conferences, and many other phone features from their computer screen.
The FX II also supports all of the messaging options available through Comdial. CTI-Server computers can be added to the FX II to support Small Office 2000, Corporate Office 2000, and Unified Messaging voice processing.
With some minor upgrades to the FX II, it can support the newest Networking options Comdial has available. Impact ISDN Networking, using proprietary ISDN signaling, and VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) Networking using Internet protocols, allow any system to be a hub or node in a Comdial network. Up to 1 hub and 10 nodes can be supported with either network option